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LGBTQIA+ affirmative
individual therapy

“I’ve never talked about this in therapy before…”


I hear this phrase often from my queer clients, namely those who have worked exclusively with straight providers. Sometimes we don’t even realize the full extent to which we censor ourselves until we are in the company of people who share our identifiers, or at least some of them!


If you are searching for an affirmative, welcoming space to explore your sexuality, gender and other aspects of your identity for the very first time, you are in the right place! My warm demeanor and person-centered approach makes it feel more comfortable for my clients to begin to explore previously disconnected parts of self and sexuality, and address any fear or internalized shame that led to the disconnection in the first place.


For those of you who are feeling particularly comfy in your sexual orientation and queer identity at the moment, it may simply feel nice to be able to

talk about your life openly without editing

for a straight provider. Whether we’re discussing workplace gender dynamics, microagressions, the current political climate, specifics about your sex life, or details about your romantic or family of origin relationships, having another queer person co-creating your therapeutic experience might allow you to show up more fully and authentically.

As a queer therapist I lead with acceptance,
one of my favorite core values of the LGBTQIA community

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