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Individual Therapy Supporting
Ethical Non-Monogamy

Boundaries, Agreements & Check-ins, Oh My!

Most would agree that ethical non-monogamy requires a great deal of collaboration and communication. Our ability to show up as our best selves for the essential practices of ethical non-monogamy (i.e. relationship check-ins, agreement updates, metamour meetings, etc.) can sometimes be hampered by fear, worry and attachment wounding, often informed by past trauma


In individual therapy you can explore the unique triggers that come up for you in navigating ethical non-monogamy, whether you are newly opening up or consider yourself to be a seasoned relationship anarchist.

Consensual Non-Monogamy

“The practice of simultaneously having multiple sexual or romantic partners, where everyone involved is aware of and consents to the relationship structure”


Jessica Fern, Polysecure (2020)

 Referrals for ENM relational therapy &  collaboration available for active clients

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