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Neurodivergent Affirming
Individual Therapy

Late-Diagnosed ADHD & Autism Focused

My work with ADHD and Autism focuses primarily on supporting late-diagnosed adults. Following a late-diagnosis of Autism or ADHD, many people benefit from time to integrate the new information, update their self-concept and grieve the years spent struggling with limited if any resources

One therapeutic task we may take on is uncovering the masks and coping strategies you've unknowingly relied upon for years. We can explore the ways in which neurodivergence impacts your relationships, executive functioning and overall mental health, and begin to identify relevant resources to increase support.


Most of my late-diagnosed clients struggle to reframe negative self-talk and release limiting self-beliefs. After years trying to assimilate to the normative culture (to varying degrees of success), it is common for undiagnosed neurodivergent people to burn-out and internalize a sense of failure, believing something along the lines of, “this world isn’t made for me”. Part of the work involves challenging limiting self-beliefs, clarifying the obstacles and barriers existing in the normative culture and identifying strategies to respond and function more effectively.

Referrals for specialized skills-based support may be indicated, and will be discussed as appropriate throughout treatment


Autism & ADHD

Focused Therapy

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