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Queer Identity: Coping with uncertainty and confusion

As a whole, the queer community does a phenomenal job embracing pride with gusto and publicly affirming ourselves with bold, confident fanfare. This vibrant energy, however, may not be the only thing newbies need to feel safe in exploring their sexuality and gender.

For many, first coming to terms with queer identity and gender variance can feel incredibly scary. If you are feeling uncertain and insecure as you begin to  discover your identity, you are not alone.

It’s OK if you feel overwhelmed, confused, uncertain & insecure as you begin to explore your queer identity. So many people have this experience!

Scroll from some preliminary ideas...


The limitlessness of the queer experience (and the human experience, if we’re being honest… ) can be equally liberating and terrifying! Norms may harm us, but they also give us a sense of structure and clear understanding of what is expected. Once we begin to challenge them or throw them out entirely, we may be left feeling ungrounded and unsure of our step.

💡THERAPEUTIC IDEA ~ Personal transformation often leads to shifts in our core values. Check in on your values, update them if relevant and use them as your anchor.

Limitless is beautiful once you know how to werk it! 🌈


Our brains don’t tend to love the unknown, so it’s natural for us to be pulled by the desire to “figure things out”. The queer journey, however, is anything but straightforward.

Many of us find ourselves doing large-scale unlearning once we begin to lean into our queer identities, especially if we are coming in (or coming out) later in life. Embrace the process, don’t fixate on a specific destination. By releasing the agenda and timeline for “figuring it out”, you are creating an opportunity to witness yourself naturally grow and develop into a beautifully authentic version you may never have imagined possible!


  • You MATTER

  • You don't have to go through this alone

  • The world is brighter with you in is. PERIOD. 🌈✨


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